Health & Safety Policy

Yantse Construction & Civils (Pty) Ltd subscribes to the rules and regulations set out in the relevant occupational health and safety legislation and rigorously apply all appropriate safety requirements.

We are proud to have a zero works stoppage related incident rate to date and zero injuries to staff.


Environmental Policies

Yantse Construction & Civils (Pty) Ltd prescribes to international best practice in sourcing environmentally sustainable material whilst conforming to the latest technologies in relation to energy consumption and conservation.

When disposing of materials and rubble, special care is taken in handling, storage and disposal of items in line with international best practice. All materials and rubble are screened and recyclable material is isolated and disposed of at recognized recycling points whilst non-recyclable material is discarded at approved landfill sites.


Financial Information

Yantse Construction & Civils (Pty) Ltd has the capacity to execute any one project ranging from P300 000 to P15 000 000 and above. All our projects are secured with appropriate performance guarantees in line with the form of contract. Furthermore, comprehensive All Risk Insurance, Public Liability Insurance and Workman’s Compensation Insurance is provided through Zurich Insurance Limited.

The past 3 years have seen the company maintaining annual turnover in the region of P10 000 000 while structural changes to the business holds the promise of vast improvements over the next few years.